Plaenge Industrial is recognized for delivering construction works strictly on time, with operational efficiency and application of technologies to ensure maximum performance in quality and economy, speed and sustainability. In partnership with Porsche Consulting, we develop structured processes that ensure efficient budget and schedule management. With constant investment in the development of methodologies, we are a reference in innovation and process modernization.


Plaenge Industrial carries out a careful job in planning the construction works through project management tools and innovative systems such as BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, which allows the anticipated viltual construction of the real estate project, thus reducing field interferences and deadlines of construction work execution. Lean production, more efficiency and optimized processes from the design phase to completion of the construction work are some of the differentials resulting from the use of technologies.


Plaenge Industrial has an efficient “Occupational Health and Safety Management System” based on the performance of preventive campaigns and the implementation of a solid schedule of training and monitoring at each stage of the construction works. With its own methodology and employee involvement in the commitment to safety, we pursue a goal of zero accident leaves. The company adopts a system of indicators that allows it to identify potential risks and fight the causes of accidents.


Plaenge Industrial has recognized expertise in the development and execution of projects that meet the strict sustainability criteria of the GBC (Green Building Council) certifier, which grants the LEED stamp. The company’s experience and knowledge in this area make it a reference in sustainable works, ensuring agility in the certification processes and adding benefits in operational efficiency even for factories that do not pursue the stamp.