Our History


“Plaenge began so small that comprised only one room but complete its 50 years as the largest construction company in southern Brazil. That was only possible with people who also follow our values: do the right thing, being useful, keeping our word, persevering and working as a team.

Our philosophy has always valued the long-term vision. We have completed fifty years of path based on values that have been present since the beginning, above all trust in our customer relations.

Trust built by employees dedicated to the countless overcoming of these five decades, from hyperinflation, the countless economic plans, the stagnation of the 1980s, the Plano Real (Real Plan) to world trends such as the opening of the market through globalization and internet.

Trust built with each customer that delivers in our hands the dream of living with class, comfort and elegance.”

Ézaro Fabian
Fundador da Plaenge

Ézaro Fabian

"Having people who want to be part of your dream is only possible with hard work, ethics and example."

Ézaro Fabian
Plaenge Founder


The beginning of a big dream

Founded in 1970, the Plaenge Group is currently recognized as one of the most important engineering companies in the country, operating in the industry and real estate development.


Our first great construction work

The Coca-Cola factory, built in the metropolitan region of Londrina/PR, was our first major project and the beginning of a value chain and trust that allowed us to have a long partnership with The Coca-Cola Company and its bottlers, which lasts until nowadays.


Cargill: a new great customer

We carried out construction works in the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná and São Paulo, totaling 10 construction works for Cargill, a multinational company specializing in agricultural products.


Plaenge's new headquarters

We built our first office on Avenida Tiradentes, in Londrina/PR.


Construction of Edifício Olga

The Olga building was our first real estate project, built in Londrina downtown, State of Paraná, with 12 floors.


Industrial Division

We created Emisa, a company specialized in industrial projects and assemblies, which in 2014 changed its name to Plaenge Industrial.


Coca-Cola Factory in Bangu

We built the Coca-Cola Refrescos S.A. factory in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with a total built area of 18,420 m².


Partnership with Lojas Americanas

We refurbished the unit in Londrina/PR in 1981, with the installation of the city’s first escalator. In the following years, we carried out seven more works for Lojas America in the states of Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and Mato Grosso do Sul.


Complete Industrial Solutions

We integrate the several areas of engineering to offer our customers the “turnkey project” system, including the start-up of equipment and systems.


Beginning of our activities in Cuiabá

Long-term planning and vision, during the construction of alcohol distilleries in Mato Grosso, were decisive in choosing Cuiabá/MT to be the first city to receive a real estate business operation from Plaenge Group.


We arrived in Campo Grande

We started our activities in the real estate segment in the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul.


We started our digitalization

We were pioneers in civil construction, using microcomputer networks, intranet and digital information control.


Coca-Cola in Venezuela

We expanded our borders by signing our first contract abroad: the construction of Coca-Cola factories in Venezuela.


Amcor Flexibles in Londrina

We carried out the construction of the Amcor Flexibles unit in Londrina/PR, with 22,000 m² of built area. Formerly called Dixie Toga, the company is one of the largest companies of flexible and semi-rigid packaging in America.


Atlas Schindler in Londrina

We were responsible for the construction of the Atlas Schindler unit in Londrina/PR, totaling 32,000 m² of built area.


Beaulieu do Brasil in Ponta Grossa

We built a 25,500 m² factory in Ponta Grossa/PR for Beaulieu do Brasil, a textile company that produces carpets, vinyl flooring and synthetic grass.


Creation of the Code of Ethics

We were the first Brazilian construction company to adopt a Code of Ethics to guide all our relations. Honesty and respect are basic principles in the development of our work. It is our guarantee, as a Group, of carrying out quality projects and establishing lasting relationships with the market and with the communities where we operate.


Expansion of our activities to Curitiba

We started activities in the real estate segment in the capital of Paraná.


Creation of Vanguard

We combined our know-how in the Brazilian real estate market with the knowledge acquired in trips to Spain, Mexico and Chile, to expand our portfolio, offering young audience-oriented apartments. Vanguard was born from this idea, a brand that combines Plaenge Group’s personality, boldness and safety.


Production digital control

We were pioneers in implementing a complete digital control system for all processes in the civil construction segment in Brazil.


Breaking records at Coca-Cola Femsa in Marília

We built the Coca-Cola plant in Marília/SP, with 37,000 m² of built area and breaking the record in Brazil in prestressed floors, with 6,232 m² of prestressed area.


Expansion of our activities to Maringá

We started our activities in the real estate segment in the city of Maringá/PR.


Arriving in Chile

We crossed borders and started our activities in the real estate segment in the Andean country.

See Testimony


Arriving in Joinville

We started our activities in the real estate segment in the largest city of Santa Catarina.


Release of the book "A Construção do Sonho"

To celebrate 40 years of operation, we wrote a book that tells a little of the history, philosophy and our values based on testimonials from directors, employees, customers and partners.

See Testimony


Participation in over 60% of Coca-Cola factories in Brazil

With the construction of the new Coca-Cola plant in Recife/PE, we reached the milestone of participation in the construction and assembly of more than 60% of Coca-Cola plants in Brazil.


Geo Energética: clean energy plant in Paraná

We finished the project, assembly and construction of Geo Energética, a 100% green power generation plant in Tamboara/PR. With this project, we received the LEED Gold environmental certification and also the international “Zero Energy” stamp from the USGBC.


Delivery of the first phase of SIG Combibloc

We built the packaging plant of the Swiss-German multinational Sig Combibloc, in Campo Largo/PR, with 31,000 m² of built area and execution under the turnkey system.


Construction of Coca-Cola in Maringá

We were responsible for the project and execution of the new Coca-Cola plant in Maringá/PR. With 34,000 m² of built area, the plant received double LEED environmental certification, at Gold and Silver levels.


Expansion to the urban development area

We expanded the Group’s portfolio, starting operations in the urban development segment, focused on planned neighborhoods, private gated communities and allotments.


Arriving in Santiago, Chile

We acquired a strategic land in the city of Santiago, marking a new and important expansion cycle for the company in Chile.


Utmost LEED certification level

We received LEED certification for the construction of the Coca-Cola Distribution Center in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, which, with 8,500 m² of built area, was the first distribution center of Coca-Cola system in Latin America to receive the utmost stamp “Platinum”.


Partnership with Porsche Consulting

We improve and innovate the construction processes of our projects in strategic partnership with the renowned international consulting company Porsche Consulting. State-of-the-art management techniques from the German automobile industry were brought to our works and products in Brazil.


Beginning of the BIM Project of project and execution system convergence

BIM is the system that allows the complete digitization of projects and execution data on a single plataform. Plaenge was a pioneer and is at the forefront of the application of BIM on scale in Brazil.


Coca-Cola Andina in Rio de Janeiro

We built the most modern Coca-Cola plant in Latin America, with 58,000 m², built on Industry 4.0 concepts and in accordance with LEED certification criteria.


Sicredi's new headquarters in Maringá

We strated the construction of Sicredi’s new headquarters in Maringá. A bold project, with several architectural innovations, which promises to be a new icon in the city.


Arriving in Campinas

We expanded our activities to the state of São Paulo, operating in the real estate segment in the largest city in the countryside of Brazil.


Companhia Cacique de Café Solúvel in Linhares/ES

We started the project, construction and electromechanical installations of the new industrial unit of Cia Cacique Café Solúvel in Espírito Santo, with complete turnkey solutions.


Expansion of our operations to Porto Alegre

We started our activities in the real estate segment in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul.


Completing 50 years of operation

We have published the book “Valores de uma construção”, material in which the Founder leaves a testimony to future generations of the values that allowed the growth achieved in the first 50 years of history.

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