With over 50 years of experience and a high level of quality, Plaenge is currently the largest* construction company in the southern region and is among the largest engineering companies in the country. Serving large national and multinational corporations, already deployed or under deployment process, it has a technical body of multidisciplinary and bilingual professionals, with experience to carry out construction works throughout the Brazilian national territory and in Latin America.

*Source: Valor 1000 Magazine Ranking


Conservative management and internal processes developed by Plaenge guarantee total safety to customers. lts economic strength, capacity and coverage allowed it to sign contracts with the most important financial institutions, which guarantee the construction works carried out by the company.
The set of principies, philosophy and posture are the basic requirements in the development of our work. It is our guarantee, as a Group, of carrying out quality projects. The strict and serious management, technical competence and commitment to transparency are reflected in the Group’s financial statements, giving total security to the choice of our customers and future customers.


Constant innovation and modernization of administrative processes, planning and execution of construction works allow Plaenge the best practices in the management of its projects. Strengthened since 2016 with the development of constant work joint with the renowned international consulting company Porsche Consulting, the Group has been updating its processes with the application of technologies to ensure high performance in its processes, ensuring quality, cost efficiency, speed and sustainability for industrial constructions.


With a dedicated and trained internal team, Plaenge uses modern resources to create, develop, harmonize and monitor the evolution of its projects and the sequencing of construction works. Generating greater assertiveness from budgeting, compatibility and adherence to the physical-financial schedule, the tool brings efficient solutions even before the start of works, allowing the development of projects continuously and with great minimization of impacts in the field execution.


With a strong presence in the beverage, food and packaging segment, Plaenge has in its portfolio the execution of numerous construction works within the strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard. Plants distinguished by their special sanitary facilities and, with more than 50 years of experience in the segment, the Group stands out for the execution of construction works with large multinational groups, such as The Coca-Cola Company and its bottlers, where it participated in more than 60% of the plants in Brazil and also Venezuela.


Focus on reducing operating costs and increasing energy efficiency is what guides Plaenge in the development of new projects for its customers. Intelligent constructive solutions are developed for each plant, based on meeting the production needs of each segment.
Structured management system for the construction site – with a budget and schedule control program, in line with other project and administrative tools, ensuring agreed deadlines and costs involved.


It brings Customers closer to the Construction Work, making them feel as an integral pait of the construction process and decision-making.
Plaenge offers to the contracting party the Customer Portal, an exclusive channel that allows the monitoring of the construction work, via web, with restricted access to the team determined by the customer. Progress reports of the services, graphics, photos, execution schedule and other relevant information are made available.


With a focus on commitments undertaken and cost management, Plaenge is flexible in terms of contracting. It works in the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) system, providing turnkey projects.
Other ways of work are management contracts, global or partial contract works and also in the GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) system, in which there is a guarantee of the value agreed with the customer.


With expertise in real estate projects that meet the most modern criteria of sustainability and social and environmental responsibility, Plaenge Industrial is a reference in the segment of industrial construction works with LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) certification.
Responsible for the execution of the first certified green factory in Brazil, Plaenge accumulates seven approval stamps issued by the GBC (Green Building Council) and, thanks to its experience, is able to guarantee certification to the contracting party, through planning and definition of the level to be reached.


Referenced by the OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), Plaenge developed its “Occupational Health and Safety Management System”. The performance of preventive can1paigns and the implementation of a solid schedule of training and monitoring at each stage of the construction works allowed the team to reach the goal of zero accident leaves. With its own methodology and employee involvement in the commitment to safety, everyone is responsible for keeping environments risk-free.

Plaenge Industrial also adopts a systern of indicators that allows it to identify potential risks and fight the causes of accidents. The indicators provide managers with a data base that shows the most viable safety measures, thus ensuring high efficiency.

*COVID-19. The Plaenge Group adopts ali measures to prevent and fight the new coronavirus (covid-19) with the construction workers, third pat1ies and their teams. Acting with precautions and procedures at construction sites, offices and accesses. Meeting the requirements and requests of the Ministry of Health and Health Departments. A pioneering action that was recognized and highlighted by the Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry (CBIC).